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The Heart of Wales Railway Line


The Heart of Wales Railway Line


Meander along the Tywi, climb through the hills, Stroll the Victorian spa towns, experience rural remoteness or wonder at the wildlife.

The 120-mile Heart of Wales Line enables you to do all of these things. Between Swansea and Shrewsbury we have thirty-two places to climb off and chill out.

Come and enjoy the Heart of Wales with us.

Suggested Itinerary 1: Our ‘Circular Day Ranger’
A one–day rail trip on a circular route Shrewsbury – Llandrindod Wells – Swansea – Hereford – Shrewsbury. Travel in either direction, start at any point on the route, and break your journey anywhere you want. Hills, valleys, woodland, market towns and historic towns can all be seen and enjoyed.

Suggested Itinerary 2: Llanwrtyd Wells
Llanwrtyd Wells is Britain’s smallest town, but it has a lot of things to offer. You get to it by the Heart of Wales train from Swansea or Shrewsbury or any one of the many intermediate stations along the route. When you arrive, the little town centre is a 10 minute walk away. The Neuadd Arms is open all day every day - go to our website for more details about it and other things to see and do.

For more details about this line click on the link below. You'll also find the latest on the work of the Rail Partnership, stations served and other useful information.


The Heart of Wales Railway Line
      Golygfeydd Cymru ar y Tren
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